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Energy Crisis: Another 120 million people join the poverty trap.

7.5 Billion people live on planet earth. Maximum is 9 Billion.

Coming soon...6th Mass Extinction Event. Net Zero 2030. CBDC.

STERLING PLUMMETS - RISING INFLATION - FOOD & ENERGY PRICES SKYROCKET - SUPPLY CHAIN PROBLEMS - HEALTH CARE MAYHEM - CLIMATE APARTHEID - POVERTY (FOOD, ENERGY, WATER, FINANCIAL) CONSERVATION - ANIMAL WELFARE - OIL/COAL PLANET DESTRUCTION. And coming real soon...SOCIAL SCORING CREDIT SYSTEM (monitors your finances plus ranks your everyday behaviour both online and via CCTV) - CENTRAL BANK DIGITAL CURRENCY (CBDC: no paper money, no cash, no plastic, just a digital blockchain completely controlled by governments and their infamous banking friends. China, Russia, and India are already implementing this form of people control/manipulation, other countries are in hot pursuit). The answer simply must have your own 'decentralised' crypto account.

There is an 'Alternative'...
A Global transition from a lifestyle based on 'fear & survival'
to a lifestyle based on 'freedom & abundance'.

P.S. We also have FIVE 100% 'Member Owned & Operated'
Green businesses ready for global participation. Membership is FREE!

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